Gresik Gas Cogeneration Plant Project

The Gresik Gas Cogeneration Plant (GGCP) Project was initiated due to the rising demand for electricity and steam from PT Petrokimia Gresik (PKG) as it is currently developing its newest production facility, the Amurea II plant. The use of gas based technology is supported by the availability of local gas supply at an economical price to maximize the profit of the company.

The future GGCP will be capable of producing 160 ton steam per hour coming from a boiler package (with a capacity of 100 TPH) and one heat recovery steam generation boiler (capacity 60 TPH). One gas turbine power generator 22 MW shall be installed to meet the electricity needs of PKG.

The project is scheduled to begin in late 2015, and projected be operational by the end of 2017.